Create happy sketchbooks

Grow a daily drawing habit, explore new drawing techniques, and fill your sketchbooks.

Does this sound familiar?…

  • “I finished another sketchbook, but only 5 pages are worth saving.”
  • “Every time I sit down to draw, I go through 10 pages of before I get something I’m happy with.”
  • “I must have over a dozen sketchbooks that aren’t finished.”

What’s going on here?

How many times do you buy a new sketchbook, but it never turns out how you want it to?

You end up with a sketchbook full of partially sketched on pages – or worse – you abandon the sketchbook completely.

Drawing is something that should be enjoyed with no limitations. So why is it when you are faced with fresh new sketchbook it feels like a such a big task?

The curse of most sketchbooks

Unfortunately, most sketchbooks are abandoned and left unfinished.

It used to happen to me all the time and I see it happen a lot with other artists. Once you finish a sketchbook and go back to flip through the pages – only a handful of the pages are worth saving.

The rest of your sketchbook is just half finished sketches. Or worse, empty pages.

Most sketchbooks go unfinished because we don’t approach each sketchbook page with intention.

A new way to fill up your sketchbooks

Let’s not treat our sketchbooks as a home for “unfinished” or half-thought out work. Your sketchbooks can be a source for so much more.

What if…

  • after finishing a sketchbook you could put each drawing up for sale in your online store
  • you could growing an portfolio based on your sketchbook the drawings
  • you could turn your sketchbook pages into larger paintings
  • people around you always asked to look through your sketchbook every time they see you

Filling your sketchbooks starts with having strategy and a plan for each sketchbook page. 

You can’t approach each page the same way. You have to give yourself a new challenge or drawing prompt. This way your sketchbook becomes a page turner.

Which is exactly what you’ll learn inside Supercharge Your Sketchbook.

Introducing Supercharge Your Sketchbook

20 intuitive video lessons showing you new strategies for filling your sketchbook.

Explore new techniques, drawing processes, and ways of thinking. At the end of this course you’ll have a toolkit of actionable strategies to help you fill your sketchbooks with fresh and interesting drawings.

On Tuesday August 13th, I am releasing the first of the 20 lessons. Then each week I’ll send you a new lesson.

My goal is to make this the best class you take this year and overdeliver not 10X but 1,000X.

This is what we’re going to cover:

  1. Gesso
  2. Reverse drawings
  3. Patterns
  4. 5 Color Challenge
  5. 10 faces
  6. Multiple Imaging
  7. 50 Things in a Room
  8. The Negative Space Plant
  9. Draw Your Day
  10. Lettering
  11. Brush Drawing
  12. 2 Ugly Colors
  13. The Single Line Landscape Urban Sketch
  14. Mixed Media Studies
  15. Timed Drawings
  16. People Gestures
  17. Drawing Animals
  18. Sketching with Paint
  19. Mix Media Adventure
  20. Creating a Sketchbook Theme

Yes, I’m ready to start filling my sketchbooks