Supercharge Your Sketchbook

Learn the basics of sketching in 30 days.

Grow a daily sketching habit and sketch more than you normally would.

Wake up in the morning feeling confident with your ability to sketch.

Imagine getting up in the morning and the first thing you do is sketch. You pick up a pencil and casually fill a page in your sketchbook.

Throughout the day, you sketch more and more. 5 minutes here, 20 minutes there.

Maybe you’re out with friends and sketch their portraits over coffee in a relaxed way. You don’t even notice yourself sketching. It’s just a natural thing you do.

A few weeks go by, and you’ve filled an entire sketchbook.

As you flip through your sketchbook – every page is filled.

For the first time, you feel confident in your ability to sketch. It’s not just you, in fact, everyone around you is confident in your sketches as well. sketching has become a part of your identity.

Sketching has become a natural part of your life.

Common reasons most artists struggle with learning how to sketch

Sketching is something that many people would like to do, but are afraid of it. Here are some common myths stopping a lot of artists from pursuing sketching:

#1 “You’re only born with the talent to sketch.”
Sketching is a learned skill just like anything else. In fact, sketching is actually 80% seeing and 20% technique. It’s about unlearning bad habits and learning how to SEE like an artist first. If you can write your name, you can learn how to sketch.

#2  “You have to sketch photo-realistically.”
A lot of artists think sketching is about copying things photo-realistically. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Sketching is about embracing mistakes and your own natural way of making lines, textures, and – most importantly – SEEING. Once you know how to see like an artist – and sketching in your own unique way – your ability to sketch will flourish.

#3 “I don’t have enough time to sketch!”
With just a few minutes a day, you can take big leaps with your sketching. You don’t need to spend 10,000 hours learning how to sketch. When you know how to translate what you see into simple shapes and lines – you’ll start to see an immediate improvement in your sketches.

Start seeing like an artist

Learning how to sketch starts with learning how to SEE.

If you can write your name you can learn to sketch.

Learning how to sketch isn’t about figuring out how to crosshatch or using expensive art supplies, it’s a question of learning to see like an artist.

When you know how to see, you can sketch anything. From people to animals to buildings.

By focusing on the shapes of the objects (and more importantly the shapes between the objects) you will be able to view sketching a subject with a whole new perspective and focus.


Supercharge Your Sketchbook

Supercharge Your Sketchbook is a course for aspiring artists who have always had the desire to learn how to sketch but have been discouraged or overwhelmed with where to start.

I’ve developed this easy to follow, video course, to help artists understand the simple process of sketching.

Inside, you’ll discover how to ‘see like an artist’ and learn how to confidently pick up a pencil and sketch anything you see.

After this course, you’ll find yourself seeing the world around you in a new and creative way. Noticing things to sketch around all you!

Finally, learn the simple, step-by-step sketching process so you can learn the basic concepts and techniques of sketching.

On top of learning how to see, you’ll learn about line, value, tone, negative space, and perspective.

Most, importantly, after going through the course and doing the work – you’ll have new confidence in sketching.

Inside Supercharge Your Sketchbook, you'll learn…

  • Get grab and go lessons made easy to digest so you get the best results possible.
  • How to use a simple set of principles to give you the confidence to say ‘I can sketch that’, even if you’re just starting out and your skills haven’t caught up to your new sketching knowledge.
  • Understand how the basics of how sketching works. While also introducing things such as choosing pencils, pens, paper, and figuring out what to sketch.
  • Develop your signature way of sketching without fear of ‘doing it wrong’.
  • Learn to see shapes and sketch them to achieve the focus and effect you want. Without getting hung up about the realism.
  • How to embrace the quirkiness of sketching without the restrictions of sketching in a structured and detailed way.
  • And much more…

Ready to grow a daily drawing habit and sketch more?

The goal of Supercharge Your Sketchbook is to show you the fundamentals of sketching. It’s a course for absolute beginners who want to learn how to build their confidence in making quick drawings.

Boost your observation skills, actionable ways of sketching from life, and tactics for creating truly interesting sketches every day.

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