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VIDEO: Ganesha speed drawing

Making speed drawing videos has been something on my to do list for a while. One of my first attempts at recording myself drawing is this Ganesha drawing.

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Crocodiles in Costa Rica

Nature and wildlife have been a muse of mine since I can remember. I’ve always been intrigued by animals and nature. Costa Rica was a perfect dose of this for me.

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Drawing Rabbits

A while ago I went to Costa Rica for a few weeks. Sketching rabbits near my home helped me get ready for sketching on the trip.

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Protea Sketch

These more colorful sketches I’ve been making lately are more mixed media than some of my other sketches. 

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A collection to sketches coming soon In 2-3 months my first ever book of mixed media sketches will be published. Join my email list below to get a secret, behind-the-scenes …

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RIP Betta

I had the same betta fish on my desk for close to 4 years. Today he passed away. Good bye little buddy, thanks for your years of inspiration.

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