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Drawing a Macaw in my Sketchbook

I decided to start the day with this mixed media macaw drawing in my sketchbook. Using pen and watercolor I made this messy macaw drawing.

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Quick Elephant Sketch

In this video I decided to draw an elephant. Keeping things mellow by starting the drawing slowly with a bic pen.

After looking at the initial drawing I thought it needed more energy. So I added a black watercolor wash to the shadow areas. Then I went over some of the lines with a more inky pen.

I hope you enjoy this speed drawing video.

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Sketching Faces in my Sketchbook

In this video I show you my morning sketchbook warm-up of drawing faces. I only spent a few minutes on each face, but it helps me break the ice with the drawings I make later in the day.

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Rabbit in Sketchbook Speed Drawing

In this video you’ll see a timelapse of a sketchbook drawing I made. I usually drink my coffee in my backyard to start the day so I shot some b-roll of my yard to interject in this drawing video.

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Sharpie Raven Speed Drawing

In this video I drew a raven with a sharpie marker.

I often keep note of which markers are running out of ink because they create interesting textures. They’re also helpful for shading because you have more control over how much ink builds up.

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Crow Speed Drawing

In this video I drew a crow. Even though crows are black, their feathers create a lot of interesting textures when they reflect the light.

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Ganesha Speed Drawing

In this video I drew Ganesha. Many many lines. Total time to draw was around 20 minutes. I’m trying to focus more on staying loose with my drawings which is why I’m mostly laying down a lot of contour and thought lines.

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Toucans in the Jungle Speed Drawing

In this video I’m showing you a speed drawing of a toucan and flower sketches.

Often when I’m drawing in my sketchbook I’ll layer drawings in and around and on top of each other. An easy way to make your sketchbook pages look more interesting.