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May 2019 Sketchbook Tour

In this video I share my May 2019 sketchbook. Mostly black, pen and ink drawings of owls, figure drawings, faces, and flowers.

This is a Moleskine brand sketchbook. I’m not sure when I got it, but it was great for pen and ink style drawings.

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April 2019 Sketchbook Tour

In this video I take you on a tour of my April 2019 sketchbook. This is one of the sketchbooks I took on my 3 month trip throughout SouthEast Asia.

You’ll see pages of my sketchbook where I drew with everything from pen and ink to watercolor.

I believe a sketchbook is a place where you can draw without worrying about perfection. A place to capture your ideas and the things you see in a creative way… and with whatever medium you want.

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July 2018 Sketchbook Tour

A sketchbook tour featuring my sketches from the past 2 weeks. I used mostly Bic pen in this sketchbook.

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Sketchbook Tour 2017

In this video I share my favorite sketches from 2017.

I had a great time drawing this year. Typically, I rip out my favorite drawings after I complete a sketchbook and put them in a portfolio case to protect them. This helps me save space and wrap my head around what I’ve made during the year.