Toucan Sketch: Ghost bird of Costa Rica

My short, two week time in Costa Rica will forever be at the top of my travel experiences.

It was the first time I was able to immerse myself in a rainforest setting.

But I was chasing a ghost – a ghost bird. You see, I’ve always wanted to see a toucan in the wild. While I did see Macaws flying wild, I didn’t see any wild toucans.

This sketch was created on my journey in Costa Rica in hopes of seeing wild toucans. Maybe next time.

To make this drawing I used a ballpoint pen and a small Sharpie to lay down the lines. Then I used the existing watercolors I had wet in my palette to smudge onto the drawing. Applying the watercolors with the end of a small ruler to give it a more hard edge look rather than the typical soft look brushes create.

This drawing is available to collect here

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