VIDEO: 2017 Favorite Sketchbook Drawings

I feel like I’m still reflecting a lot on the last year and figuring out what I want to focus on for the next year.

As I’m going through this process I’m forced to go through my favorite work this past year. A lot of which I’m happy with.

Check out this short minute and a half video I made of my favorite sketchbook drawings.

Making videos of my work has been something on my list for a while. Even if they’re extremely simple.

Writing has been gradually turning more into a chore. So during the upcoming weeks when I don’t feel like writing, giving myself the challenge to make a video will help me meet my goal of sending out a weekly newsletter every Sunday.

I’ll be continuing on with following a theme of simplicity. In my business and life. Main reason being – so I don’t waste time with perfection.

For example, with my art, this past year I gave myself the limitation (permission) to be okay with just making work in my sketchbook. Eliminating any need to work bigger which would require more space, time, and setup.

As I set out to make more videos this year, I’m giving myself limitations so I don’t spend hours and money on techniques I could easily lose myself in.

Some of these video limitations are:

  • No 4K. Only shoot in 1080p. This way I don’t feel the need to get a new camera and external drives to store all the footage.
  • No color correcting. I could easily spend hours adjusting the look of each shot. By sticking to natural light and not getting caught up in

I hope you like this quick first video. It’s a time-lapse of me thumbing through my favorite sketchbook drawings of the past year.

This theme of simplicity is something I’m carrying through in all parts of my business and life. Most visibly is my website. I’ve adopted a single column page design on every page of my site. Sleek and simple so I when I have a new idea or have to publish something, I don’t get bogged down with unlimited design decisions.

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