VIDEO: Sharpie Raven Speed Drawing

Creating a drawing can start and go in any direction. From how to lay down your lines to how detailed you want to make the textures. I sat down to draw this raven wanting to explore textures. Testing what I can do with just a Sharpie.

NOTE: Drawing with Sharpies that are half out of ink is great. You can work out different tones and shades.

The reason I like including different textures in my work is because it pulls people in. Whenever I show my work in a show or in person to people I notice these texture heavy pieces hold there attention more. I actually see people lean in and look at the textures to see how and what they were created with.

While textures are easy to explore with paint and other mediums – just using a marker as a creative restriction is a fun challenge in my drawings.

I plan on making more drawings where I explore textures in the near future.

I hope you enjoy this quick video.

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