cats in the wild

A guide to seeing cats in the wild

As a wildlife artist who loves to draw, I have always been fascinated by the mystery of seeing cats in the wild. From lions and tigers to the elusive leopards and lynxes, these amazing animals never cease to inspire my art and my admiration. Despite their popularity and their important …

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snakes in peru

Snakes in Peru: A Complete Guide

Peru, a country rich in cultural heritage and biodiversity, is also a fascinating destination for anyone interested in ecotourism, ancient ruins, rainforests, and any sort of Indiana Jones-type adventure. The diverse ecosystems, ranging from the vast Amazon rainforest to the arid coastal deserts and high-altitude cloud forests, provide a home …

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best time to go to the seychelles

The best time to go to the Seychelles

Africa’s best-kept secret is Seychelles. The best time to go to the Seychelles depends on what you’re looking for in a vacation. When is the best time to go to the Seychelles? Short answer: If you want to avoid the crowds and enjoy the best weather, then late spring or …

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best time to safari in south africa

The best time to safari in South Africa

Planning a safari in South Africa can be daunting, but knowing when the best time to safari in South Africa before you book can make all the difference. So, when is the best time to safari in South Africa? Short answer: The best time to safari in South Africa is …

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how much do safaris cost

How much do safaris cost?

Most people know that safaris can be expensive, but many don’t realize just how much they can cost. So, how much do safaris cost? Short answer: The average cost of a safari in Africa is around $3000 per person, not including international flights, visa fees, or medical insurance. If you’re …

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when is the great migration in africa

When is the great migration in Africa?

Curious when is the Great Migration in Africa? Wondering if it’s something you could witness in person? Yes, it’s possible to go to Africa and see the Great Migration in Africa yourself. When is the Great Migraion in Africa? Short answer: The great migration in Africa typically takes place between …

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how to visit the rainforests in bolivia

How to visit the rainforests in Bolivia

Ah, the allure of the Bolivian rainforests! If you’re looking for a true adventure, one that’ll leave you breathless and yearning for more, then the lush greenery and exotic wildlife of Bolivia are an absolute must-see. In this article, I’ll give you the inside scoop on how to conquer the …

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collective nouns for animals

Collective Nouns for Animals

I was recently in Habarana, Sri Lanka looking for a group of wild elephants. Our guide parked the jeep and we waited. Pretty soon we had 20+ elephants surrounding us. Pulling grass out of the ground with their trunks and flicking the dirt and bugs off before they shoved in …

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