Remember, selling your art online is a skill anyone can learn. It’s not based on luck or any specific type of art. No matter how niche or unique you think your art is, you can sell it online.

Selling your art online is about creating a system for each of these steps:

Define and connect to your true audience.
Drive focused and specific traffic to your art website.
Convert that traffic into subscribers to your art newsletter.
Engage with those subscribers build interest and trust, over time.
Sell your art and creative products to your subscribers in a natural, storytelling way.

Step one is simple. Your audience is usually people who share your same interests, experiences, and tastes. Try not to overcomplicate step one. The easiest audience to grow is the one full of people just like you.

Steps 2-5 is ALL launching. Driving traffic to your site, converting that traffic into subscribers, driving traffic to your site, and selling your art in a natural, storytelling way is accomplished with launching.

The number one hurdle artists face is growing an audience. But launching changes that. When you create an event around your art (a new art product being released) and sharing compelling content while giving others a away to follow along – you’ll make art sales.

Launching is a tangible event that will simultaneously put you on the map, grow your audience, and make sales.

Have zero people on your email art newsletter? Then create a partner launch. Get other bloggers and publications to interview you, share what you’re launching, and let you create content for their audiences.

You could also create an art giveaway launch. This creates an incentive for others to join your email list and share your launch with their audiences.

Don’t know what to launch? Create something. Anything. A small collection of originals. A limited edition print. A small book of your work. Offer a limited window of time where someone can hire you for a commission.

Launching has positively impacted my art business and I know it’ll do the same for you.

Good luck!

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