World Map Print: Textures from around the world

I draw in my sketchbook and follow my curiosity around the world. From mysterious islands in Southeast Asia, rainforests in Central America, and forgotten temples in Cambodia.

The best moments of travel are those first time walks through new streets and and parts of nature. It’s these moments I focus on capturing in my sketchbook.

Some of the ways I capture these travel moments is with abstract textures in my sketchbook. Here’s what some of these abstract sketchbook pages look like:


The above two images were inspired from the walls of the buildings Phuket in Thailand.

The above image was inspired during a hike in the jungles of southern Costa Rica.

I’ve decided to take these textures from my travel sketchbooks and juxtaposed them into a map of the world. Creating a unique print to constantly remind you of the new places you’ve yet to explore.

Here are the two new World Map prints I made for explorers like you:


I made these in hopes you’ll hang them up as encouragement to finally get that plane ticket and go on your own adventures.

Collect the black world map print here

Collect the white world map print here

Chris Wilson

Hi I'm Chris Wilson. I'm an artist, illustrator, and teacher who translates my passion for travel into drawings. Right now – my nose is probably in a sketchbook.

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