Hi there! I'm Chris Wilson, an American wildlife artist focusing on drawing.

My journey has taken me from the rainforests of Borneo to the landscapes of Sri Lanka, all in pursuit of drawing the animal kingdom on paper.

Back in 2009, I graduated from CalArts, the Disney-founded college, with a BFA in Character Animation.

The simple pleasure of drawing wildlife has led me to travel the globe.

Facing challenges head-on, I once ventured into Ranthambore National Park in India to catch a glimpse of the majestic tigers that reside there.

My passion for drawing wildlife and exploring their natural habitats has also motivated me to share my knowledge and experiences.

Watch drawing tutorials and read guides on how to visit wildlife destinations around the world.

My love for drawing, teaching, and writing has naturally led me to become involved in wildlife conservation efforts.

I believe that by nurturing our creativity and educating ourselves about the natural world, we can develop a stronger connection to our planet and the voiceless creatures we share it with.