About Chris Wilson

After graduating with a degree in Character Animation from CalArts, a college founded by Disney, I found myself at a crossroads.

The world of animation was shifting from hand-drawn to computer-generated, and the timing of my passion for traditional animation seemed ill-fated.

Yet, as I looked back at my work, a pattern emerged.

Among my sketches and animations, animals and wildlife dominated the pages. It was as if my hand knew before my mind did: I was meant to explore and draw wildlife.

chris wilson animal drawing

From the dense rainforests of Borneo to the vast landscapes of Sri Lanka, I've traveled, sketchbook in hand. Some of my experiences have included seeing elusive tigers of Ranthambore in India and marveling at wild elephants in Sri Lanka.

But with each moment came a story, and with each story, a drawing.

chris wilson wildlife artist

My sketching tutorials are published as Chris Wilson Studio on YouTube as well.

My website, once a simple portfolio, transformed into a hub for artists and explorers alike, guiding them to find their muse in the world's hidden corners.

Drawing wildlife has led me to not only explore the globe but to share my experiences, teach others, and advocate for wildlife conservation via my art. Through art and exploration, I believe we can forge a deeper bond with our planet and its voiceless inhabitants.