About Chris Wilson

Everyday I spend my time making mixed media wildlife drawings.

I studied Character Animation at the Disney founded college, CalArts. Earning my BFA in 2009.

After graduation from CalArts in 2009, I dove head first into my art business. Working as a storyboard artist and designer. Eventually reaching a point where I was working with clients every single day.

As well as this was going, I found myself having spend a few years never having time to make drawings for myself. I also started to get an itch to travel.


For 3-4 months a year I'm travelling to nature-heavy places around the world. Taking reference photos of animals, foliage, and landscapes for my drawings. My favorite experiences travelling so far are seeing wild elephants Sri Lanka, two tigers in the wild in India, and countless animals in the jungles in Costa Rica.

When I'm not travelling I'm drawing in my studio in San Diego, California. Often spending early mornings drawing at the San Diego Zoo or Wild Animal Park.

About my wildlife art

I make energetic, mixed media wildlife drawings. The spontaneity of drawing is perfect for conveying interesting moments in nature. From birds in flight to predators stalking their prey.

Everyday I'm inspired by strange botanicals, stories of lost islands, forgotten ruins, predators in the midst of a hunt, off-limit jungles, things with wings, creatures that glow in the dark, and other obscurities found in nature.

My drawings can be collected as originals and limited edition prints.