Drawing ideas for filling your sketchbook

Having easy drawing ideas to get inspiration from will get you drawing more. It happens now and again, you find yourself holding a blank sketchbook; eager to fill it up with new and interesting drawing ideas.

You get excited when you buy new art supplies or fresh new sketchbook. Ultimately, it hits you. You have a sketchbook block. The feeling of not knowing what to draw. Or worse, a fear of not wanting to ruin a sketchbook overcomes you. This is where having a few easy drawing ideas to reference can help you.

Inside this article, I share a variety of ways to defeat creative block by using some extremely easy drawing ideas. You'll learn basic ways to bypass a drawing rut. While developing an awesome drawing habit.

Crushing sketchbook block with easy drawing ideas

It's not unusual to experience a drawing block.

All artists experience a form of creative block. But it can hit each artist differently. No worries, defeating a creative block is a learnable skill. Essentially, creative blocks are caused when your mind momentary spark.

Which means you have two options:

  1. Exercise and take a break from drawing.
  2. Spark your mind with easy drawing ideas, challenge, or drawing technique.

Remember, a creative block happens to everyone.

It comes in many forms:

  • The feeling of being confused.
  • Not knowing where to begin.
  • Loss of creative energy or ability to focus.

And though it might seem difficult to get over this phase.

If you're lacking energy and focus, you have to do what makes you feel relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated mentally. This means getting sleep, regular exercise, and eating healthy.

For when you're feeling confused and not knowing where to begin you have a few options. Essentially, creativity and motivation flourish with restrictions and limitations.

These restrictions and limitations can be fun. They come in the form of drawing prompts, themes drawing technique experimentation, and challenges.

1. Be curious

Finishing any endeavor starts with the right frame of mind. Which we are in control of. Meaning, we can focus on our specific goals and accomplish them. For example, we want to fill out sketchbooks and never run out of ideas. Being curious sparks creative growth. We have to keep the pulse of our curiosity going.

The best way to indulge your curiosity with drawing is to dedicate time to drawing themes. When you draw a theme, you're exploring with your drawings. You're no longer 100% focused on one or two drawings. Rather, you're pursuing a flow of dozens and hundreds of drawings. Creating more work than you normally would have.

A great drawing theme is something you could easily fill a sketchbook. Typically, it's a subject you're interested in. But it's not something you know a lot about. Drawing a theme is a great excuse to learn more about something you're interested in.

Which is in line with keeping an open mind…

2. Keep an open mind

We'll never know everything.

The worst thing we can do is assume we do.

It's okay to not know everything. Be visually curious about how things are made and structured. This observation-first and inquisitive mindset will help you expand your mental drawing library. Making you aware of details and intricacies to add to your drawings. Understand that there is no ultimate, correct way of drawing something.

Observe. For example, if you're drawing lips, look at someone's lips and draw them. No two people have the same lips. Steal from nature and things around you. Look to your surroundings for unique qualities to add to your work.

3. Experiment

Try different drawing techniques in your sketchbook. Drawing techniques can help you fill your sketchbook and find your favorite way of drawing.

It doesn’t matter if you’re using a pencil, pen, pastel or even markers. Ultimately, your drawing skills will grow if you dedicate time to exploring some of these basic drawing techniques. These drawing fundamentals are simple, but still require time to get right.

However, once you fully understand these drawing techniques, you’ll be able to apply them as needed to your future drawings.

Also, experiment with drawing different subjects. Dedicate time to draw animals at the zoo. Or challenge yourself by drawing 100 portraits. Draw things that take you out of your comfort zone. Even better, draw things that take you out of your house.

Final thoughts on coming up with easy drawing ideas

Sketchbook ideas are temporary.

Remember, you need to do something to create a spark. It's usually something simple. From following a drawing prompt, taking a public drawing challenge, exploring a drawing theme, or experimenting with a new drawing technique.


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