How to get illustration clients

The biggest hurdle most freelance illustrators struggle with is getting illustration clients. In today’s lesson, I’m going to show you the simple process for getting more illustration clients. But I want to warn you before we jump in. Getting illustration clients is really simple. But you probably aren’t going to … Read more

How to get traffic to your art website

So how do you get people to visit your art website? This is actually a pretty complicated question, so I want to dig deep into it. A lot of people will tell you: “You need to do SEO.” “You need to do advertising.” “You need to get on social media.” … Read more

10 Steps to selling your artwork online

Every step of the process is there for a reason. Each step builds upon the last. I created this checklist as a step-by-step reminder of the framework you should follow in order to sell your art online. There are a lot of marketing distractions out there. You don’t need to … Read more

3 Myths about getting illustration clients

It’s time for some sorely needed real talk about being an illustrator. Doing well with an illustration business isn’t about “hacking” your way to success or learning the three secrets to getting more clients. It’s about putting in the work, being patient, and seeing success over time. While also enjoying … Read more

How to get paid an unresponsive illustration client

Imagine, you’ve finished an illustration project for a client, sent the final invoice, – but you hear – crickets… It’s easy to get upset and want to confront the client. But, I encourage you to not assume the worst right away. The trick to getting through to unresponsive clients is … Read more

How to follow up with a potential illustration client

Use this email script to confidently email a potential illustration client.  For example, lets say you broke the ice with a creative inquiry. You chatted with them about their project so you can better understand their needs and wants. Here’s where most illustrators drop the ball. They’ll just sit back … Read more

How to respond to illustration inquiries

As an illustrator, chances are, when you communicate with a client it’s through email. Writing important emails can sometimes take 20-30 minutes to write before you click SEND. It can be nerve-wracking wondering if the email is going to product the results you want. Why not save these and use … Read more

The ultimate guide to SEO for artist websites

I’ve recently been implementing some long needed Search Engine Optimization (SEO) fixes throughout my artist website. A big part of being able to sell art online is generating traffic to your website. Today I wanted to share with you some quick wins, lessons, and insights on how to apply SEO … Read more

How to sell art online

Knowing how to sell art online will help you grow your art business. It’s one of the many ways to generate income which doesn’t have a limit to earnings or any gatekeepers to bypass such as galleries. Apart from teaching art, working as an illustrator or art licensing. Knowing how … Read more

Are giclee prints worth it?

What exactly makes a giclee print a is a giclee print? Many artists have the same questions: What is a giclee print? Can you just print it on your own? Is there a special paper of ink that makes a giclee print err… special? A giclee print is a high-quality, … Read more

How to build an artist website

Artist website builders can either make or break your art business. Your artist website is an essential ingredient if you want to sell art online. Think about it: someone arrives on your site, cruises around for a few seconds, and quickly decides to stay or go. You have to capture … Read more

5 Best Printers for art

Printers for art come in many different options and price points. From just over $100 to, well, the sky is the limit. Essentially, if you can print your own art prints, you can create a great source of income in your art business. When you set out to sell art … Read more

3 Ways to discover your creativity in drawing

Knowing how to find creativity in drawing can help you in so many ways. Whenever someone asks me how to learn drawing, I’m never sure what to say. The answer isn’t quick. Learning how to draw is done through stages and over a large period of time. The more comfortable … Read more

How to get drawing ideas

I share a variety of ways to defeat this common creative block hurdle. You’ll learn basic ways to bypass a drawing rut.

How to start a daily drawing habit

If you want to get better at drawing, there’s a simple way to do so. Just draw daily! You’re only going to improve by having a daily drawing habit.

How to make a mixed media drawing

If you’re in a rut with drawing, chances are you’re bored with your drawings supplies. Try drawing in a mixed media drawing way instead.

How to start sketching in pen

Sketching in pen can be one of the most satisfying ways to draw. It’s an interesting way of filling your sketchbook or drawing from life.

How to learn drawing

Discover how to learn drawing inside this article. You’ll be guided in the right direction so you can start creating great drawings.