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Animation School: Do you need to go?

A degree from a top animation school will definitely prepare you for a job in the animation industry. But do you need to go to animation school?

Color Drawing Pencils

These professional-grade color drawing pencils will help you take your artwork to the next level. Check out these two sets I’ve used for the past 10+ years.

10 Tips for Wildlife Drawing

Wildlife drawing is one of the most interesting subjects to focus on in your art. Spending most of my life wildlife drawing, here’s what you need to know.

Drawing Movement

Drawing movement can add a new dimension and energy to your drawings. Which will help you make more visually interesting drawings.

Photographing Fine Art

There is more to photographing fine art than simply aiming your camera and snapping a photo. The type of camera, light, and camera angle all matter.

Sketching for Beginners

Sketching for beginners doesn’t have to be hard. Discover this collection of sketching tips to help beginners draw anything and fill their sketchbooks.

Sketching Books: Best drawing books

Discover the best sketching books to help you improve your drawings. Learn the basics of drawing and beyond with these proven sketching books.

Sketching in pen

Sketching in pen can be one of the most satisfying ways to draw. It’s an interesting way of filling your sketchbook or drawing from life.

Drawing Textures

Learn the different ways of drawing textures inside this drawing tutorial. Knowing how to draw textures can add more dimension to your drawings.

Contour Drawing

Contour drawing is a great way to quickly draw anything you’re looking. Learn the basics of contour drawing inside this quick drawing tutorial.

Daily drawing: A life changing habit

If you want to get better at drawing, there’s a simple way to do so. Just draw daily! You’re only going to improve by having a daily drawing habit.

Why I quit Instagram

Discover the best way to get your first 1,000 followers on Instagram. Instagram for artists can help you grow a profitable audience for your art.

Art Licensing: An essential guide

Art licesning is a great way to make money from your art. Art licesning is where you rent the copyright of your images to a company for a limited use.

What is print on demand?

Print on demand is a great option for artists. Print on demand is a less risky alternative than buying and holding your own inventory.

5 Ways to build your artist website

Which is the best artist website builder? In this article I talk about the top five main website builders. WordPress, Squarespace, Shopify, Wix, and Weebly.

See you later starving artist myth

Starving artist beliefs need to die. Once you begin making great work you can start and grow your art business. Selling your art is possible.

E. Michael Mitchell

E. Michael Mitchell was a drawing mentor at CalArts. He was the cover artist for Catcher in the Rye and concept artist in the animation industry.

What is a giclee print?

What is a giclee print? How do you make a giclee print? Discover what it is and understand this simple process to see if its right for you.

Should you go to art school?

Should you go to art school? Do you need a degree in art in order to sell your art? In this article I talk about why you shouldn’t go to art school.

How to sell art online

Start and grow your art business by learning how to sell art online. Learn how to sell your fine art prints and originals art online in this guide.