Easy drawing ideas

I share a variety of ways to defeat this common creative block hurdle. You’ll learn basic ways to bypass a drawing rut.

How to start a daily drawing habit

If you want to get better at drawing, there’s a simple way to do so. Just draw daily! You’re only going to improve by having a daily drawing habit.

Sketching for beginners

Sketching for beginners doesn’t have to be hard. Discover this collection of sketching tips to help beginners draw anything and fill their sketchbooks.

How to draw a rose

When we think about drawing something familiar like hands, lips, a cat, or a rose. We often forget to consider the imperfections and unique textures of each individual subject.

Fun Coffee Shop Drawing

Even while I’m at home in San Diego, I’m lucky enough to have a wide selection of coffee shops to draw in.

How to use gesso with your drawings

If you’re in a rut with drawing, chances are you’re bored with your drawings supplies. Try drawing in a mixed media drawing way instead.

Sketching light and shadows

Draw better by focusing not only on the shapes that make up the structure of our subject, but also the shapes created by light and shadow.

How to start drawing movement

Drawing movement can add a new dimension and energy to your drawings. Which will help you make more visually interesting drawings.